Info on Two-Year Cruising Permits:

There are two types of navigation permits in Costa Rica: 90 days and the 2 year permits (renewable, often referred to as 2-year cruising permits).

2-year cruising permits are only available through fully government licensed marinas like Banana Bay, and we allow our customers a one year minimum dockage contract for these permits.

Dockage is at the same rate as listed here on our website, at a monthly rate of less than $1 per foot per day, and there are discounts available for pre-payment. For the duration of this contract you are always guaranteed a slip at our marina.

The 90-day permit requires that for every 90 days you stay in the country, you must wait 90 days before you can return. If you overstay your 90 days, you are subject to an import tax on your boat up to 40% of its value as determined by the government.

With the two-year permit you can enjoy your stay for months on end, and as the permit is renewable, your boat can stay in the country for years without subjection to this import tax.

The cruising permit only allows the vessel to stay for long periods in Costa Rica; if you do not have Costa Rican citizenship or permanent residency you must still abide by your travel visa and leave the country for 48 hours every 90 days to renew your tourist visa.
The cruising permit also serves to simplify your navigation through national waters. When you enter or leave the country you are still subject to international entry and exit fees and procedures, but there is no need for a national zarpe, and you only need to share your float plan with us – it is our responsibility to share it with other port captains.

The process to obtain a 2-year cruising permit takes up to one month. To learn more about the permit or how to obtain one, please call our office or email us at