Harbor Entrance 08º7N, 83º09W
Banana Bay Marina 8.6229° N, 83.1527°
Radio 16 & 12

Look for the buoy marking the entrance to Golfito Bay as you enter from the Gulfo Dulce. Once you have entered Golfito Bay and passed the Puntarenitas beach on your starboard side, head southeast. Our main building is bright yellow and visible from the bay.

Please complete the vessel registration form and credit card authorization form before or upon arrival. As a policy, we charge the first day as a deposit upon your reservation before your arrival.


Vessels arriving to Golfito from a foreign port will need to process clearance with the following four offices: Immigration, Customs, Port Captain and Quarantine. Passengers on boats and yachts arriving to Golfito from foreign ports will need to remain onboard until after a health inspection is completed. Once the health inspection is completed, you may exit the boat and take out any trash and recycling.

Banana Bay Marina houses a consultancy service that coordinates all of these services for you from the comfort of Banana Bay, and can speed up your entry or exit procedure to a couple of hours.

You will need four (4) sets of photocopies. (If you use the consultancy service, they will provide the photocopies for you.) Each set should include the following:

  • Photocopies of each passport of all passengers and crew members
  • Vessel Registration or Documentation.
  • International Zarpe from the last port.
  • A Crew List
  • Nil list.
  • List for the last port.

Immigration Office. One full set of photocopies will be required. The Immigration office will request that a “Landing” form be completed for each passport. The port Captain and Customs officers may request a photocopy of the Immigration arrival stamp as entered in the passport of the vessels captain.

Port Captain. The Port Captain’s set of copies should include the original zarpe from the last country you visited. The Port Captain should stamp and sign a copy of the Zarpe for Customs. This is to verify that the copy for Customs is the same as the original collected by the Port Captain.

Customs. One full set of copies for the Customs officer including the zarpe copy that was signed and stamped by the Port Captain. Customs will also request that they receive a photocopy showing the Immigration entry stamp of the vessels captain. The Customs officer may request to see the original registration document of the vessel. The Customs officer will require the following information; Engine manufacturer and horse power, engine serial number, color of hull, pertinent data on all tenders & recreational equipment traveling with the vessel. The Customs office will issue the Temporary Importation Permit. This document is valid for a maximum of ninety (90) days. It may be extended for an additional ninety (90) days. Expiration of loss of this original document will incur costly fines and or penalties.

Quarantine (MAG). One set of copies. (if there are animals aboard the vessel a copy of the health certificates should be included.) The Quarantine inspection has an official fee of $100. The form issued by this office should remain with the vessels paper work while in Costa Rica.